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  • Summer Events: Summer Suitcase & Booster Crates

    In order to be able to get this event, please make sure to update your game after 06 July 2020. This is a seasonal event that will be removed from the game after it ends and will not come back.  In...

  • Obstacles List

    Candle You can only light Candles by using Blasters. You can remove Candles by matching pieces next to them.   Honey Get rid of the Honey by matching pieces next to it. Get the items inside the H...

  • Flags

    Where do I earn Flags from? You earn flags from beating levels during the Yacht Race. When you beat a Normal level at first try, you earn 2 Flags, otherwise you earn 1 Flag. When you beat a Hard le...

  • How do I leave a Club?

    You can leave a club from the My Club section. Just tap the Leave button to leave the club. The lives you collected from that club are not deleted. You'll see them as soon as you join a new club. 

  • Club Ranks (Admins, Moderators)

    The player who creates the club is automatically the admin of the club. He or she can change the club info anytime. It costs 50 coins to change the club name. The admin can make 2 other players mod...

  • My game is very slow, it freezes a lot. What should I do?

    Make sure your device meets the minimum requirements for the game. Make sure your device software is up to date. You can check that from device Settings menu. Make sure your game is up to date. Yo...

  • I think this level is unbeatable!

    We can assure you that all levels are tested before they are released, and they are all beatable without making in game purchases. We know it because we, and our testers test them. However, some le...

  • What are Stars? How do I collect and use them?

    Each time you beat a match-3 level, you earn a star. You will then use these stars to complete tasks, follow the story and decorate your cafe! 

  • When are updates released?

    We release new levels every week and new tasks every 2 weeks.

  • What are events? How can I participate? What do I earn from them?

    Events are features that are available for a limited time. They are optional. Some events require the players who participate to prepare a certain number of things before it ends. Completing the or...